Boonsboro Country Club

Tucked away in the gentle rolling hills of Central Virginia resides one of the most treasured clubs of the commonwealth, Boonsboro Country Club. In 2005, Bob Moore of JMP Golf Design Group was hired to create a Restoration Plan to guide the improvements in the future. During his evaluation of the course, he included the following in a letter to the Green Committee:

"Boonsboro Country Club is a “classic golf course”. It possesses characteristics that give it historic context and classify it with its contemporaries. The history and the classic design character of your course are its identity. It flows naturally across the land. It was designed and constructed in an era during which significant changes to the landform were almost unheard of. Shapes, forms, and movement are natural to the site; they fit the place. The design is an exercise in subtlety rather than a statement of golf course architecture dominance. The maturity of the landscape and the uncluttered edges of your golf course are an invaluable asset and are rarely found in modern day golf courses. For these reasons, the golf course holds a place in history. It has legitimacy. It is most identifiable because of its past and the era in which it was created."
Playing conditions may vary seasonally and according to the weather, but Boonsboro is a golf course that you can play every day and never tire of. Maintenance of the course is a top priority making it the leading course in central Virginia.
  • Opened 1929
  • 18 Hole Golf Course
  • Par 72
  • Clubhouse
  • 15 Tee Driving Range
Facility Location

Boonsboro Country Club

Boonsboro Country Club
B C C Drive
Lynchburg, VA

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