Central Virginia Sports Commission (CVSC) has 20+ years of sport management, marketing & tourism experience.  CVSC is experienced in several different areas in sport event management and sports development from feasibility research, recruitment, marketing & promotion, event management & operations, event impact tracking and post event reports.  CVSC is also skilled at the specific details that are important to a full-serviced sporting event. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide and how we can assist you.

Sport Event Recruitment & Facility Marketing

CVSC actively identifies event Request for Proposals (RFPs) and networks throughout the year with National Governing Bodies (NGBs) & event owners seeking event partnerships. CVSC is highly skilled & experienced with matching events with the right facilities.

Event Research, Bid Proposals & Presentations

CVSC partners for event bids with our community sports groups (CSGs). Local CSG partners can range from the very experienced incorporated 501C organizations to newly-formed groups of sport enthusiasts. CVSC can take the lead in bidding and presenting to sanctioning bodies or event owners.

Venue Selection

Assist NGBs, event owners, and community partners with selecting the best facilities with the appropriate amenities to assure a successful event. Work with the venue to secure the needs of the event partners.

Event Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Development

CVSC will often coordinate and serve on the LOC for secured sporting events. The LOC offers management and knowledge of all event areas and is essential for seamless planning.

Media Relations

Maintaining consistent relationships with local media (radio, print and television) will allow CVSC to develop positive and supportive coverage of local events. The media is typically the first in-kind partner secured for events to ensure proper event promotion and coverage. CVSC can offer feature ideas or personal stories to suggest to the media for advanced coverage.

Sport Event Housing

Act as the housing liaison between the guest and the hoteliers. Secure the best available rate and amenities for each sports group. Manage preferred hotel programs for certain repeat partners.

Event RFP Development

Assist event owners and organizations with event RFP details. Identify specific needs to be in the RFP for making a successful event.

Sponsorship & Fundraising

We can assist an event owner or organization in outlining the proper sponsorship program for your event or business. Assistance can be provided to help determine sponsor targets, design proposals and create sponsor benefits. We can also provide local fundraising guidance and often secure in-kind support to alleviate event-related expenses. Local host organizations may qualify for sports development sponsorship funds.

Event or League Management

With over 20+ years of event management experience on multiple levels, our staff can assist organizations with all aspects of event management. We can also provide insight on the best practices of league operations for successful & efficient league management.

Facility Management & Operations

We can assist with identifying measures on how to operate a facility more efficiently. We will use our 10+ years of sports facility management experience to assist with ensuring facilities meet event logistical needs.

Volunteer Coordination

We will utilize our extensive network of volunteers and community partnerships to engage with the events we work with to ensure great support and provide passionate people with great service.

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